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Orange County Back to School Mini Sessions

I love back to school time and I love using it as a time to capture what’s happening in my children’s lives. Katie will be starting Early Fives. She misses the cutoff for Kindergarten here in California so one more year of preschool. And Luke is starting early preschool in a few weeks.

One of the fun ways that I’ve discovered to document these milestones is by taking back to school pictures. These are not your stodgy school portraits with the same old-fashioned background year after year. These are pictures that capture your child’s true personality in a fun way. Using a little bit of Photoshop magic, I capture their age, their favorite things, and add a little bit of fun with graphics.

I’ll be offering Back to School mini sessions in August. Here are some samples to give you a flavor. If you’re interested please email me or call to book a session. Fun, low cost, and you get the electronic files to print your own prints. You even get a FB timeline!


Capturing Every day

I started my photography journey because I wanted to capture fleeting childhood memories. You think you’ll always remember the moments. The reality is that you don’t. Memories blend into one another and the details that you try to etch in your mind seem to evaporate overnight. I’ve tried to capture them by journaling only to return to my words and think “Now why was that so special? Of course they can say cat, ball, and dog.”

Photography helps me capture these moments. I recently enrolled in a photography course on Lifestyle Photography. What is lifestyle photography? It’s capturing the every day moments and in my case, capturing my children in their everyday environment rather than in a posed studio. It’s a style that I identify with and default to because no matter how many posing guides I buy I can never get my children to cooperate. So here is my first assignment, capturing a story through a series of images.

These images are my son, Luke. He’s 21 months and right now he’s totally engrossed with cars and trains. And this morning, I eavesdropped into his world as he played with both.


Is it too late to set some goals?

Can’t believe that we’re almost through the first month of 2012. I actually had about 15 whole minutes to reflect, close out 2011,  and think about what’s important for 2012. When I first picked up a camera in 2009, shortly after Katie was born, I had no idea that this is where it would lead me – the complete photography geek that I’ve become, the terrific friendships that I’ve made along the way and the great memories that I’ve captured of my awesome kids. As I was thinking about how far I’ve come, I thought it would be fun to find one of those first pictures. Here you go…

Don’t judge too harshly! Despite it being totally underexposed, it remains one of our family favorites. This photo sparked something in me that I see happen with lots of other moms. Capturing her sweet smile and the pure joy on her grandparents’ faces inspired me then and continues to inspire me to get better at this craft.

So what does this have to do with 2012? In 2011, I started some projects that I haven’t really seen through and that’s what I’m committing to in this next year. I started a project aimed at helping other moms capture their kids’ childhood through photography. That project is called Today it has 12 FB likes (thank you dear friends) – enough to get me my own URL on Facebook. It has a couple of posts and affiliate links to some of my favorite sites and resources that helped get me going.

I realize that not all moms will have the time or money to invest in the photography resources the way that I’ve been fortunate to over the last few years so my goal is to stay realistic about what might be helpful for moms in better capturing moments that I am all too quickly realizing flash before us.

So if you’re interested in taking this journey with me, share  your questions with me — about your camera, getting kids to sit still , how to store and print your pictures, anything that’s on your mind. It’ll be our journey together.



Confidence Restored!

Wow! What an amazing weekend at Me Ra Koh’s Confidence workshop. First of all, it started with visiting with  friends I hadn’t seen in over 6 years! Amazingly, we picked up just where we left off. You don’t realize how much you miss some folks until moments like these.

And speaking of long time friendships, my gosh, this weekend turned out to be all about creating relationships, whether it was with Me Ra and Brian, with each other, and with the incredible moms, babies, and families that allowed us to capture their love and connection. I came to this workshop really doubting my ability to connect with those on the other end of the lens. By Sunday afternoon, I was in love with each and every one that I had the privilege to shoot.

Of course, there were some aha’s on the technical side too – thanks Brian for showing me center focus! How did I ever live without that?

Here are some of the highlights from the weekend.

The Girls (and Brian)

The Babies

The Families


What an experience! So looking forward to the sequel! Better start saving $$$.

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