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Church Door Opening Service | San Diego

This is not your typical blog post. In the early morning hours of Sunday, January 27, 2013, an arsonist set fire to our church, St. Gregory of Nyssa Greek Orthodox Church. It was a mission church sustained by the mighty faith of about 150 parishioners. It was the church where we baptized our children and celebrated many milestones. Almost to the day, on February 7, 2014, this little church rose out of the ashes, rebuilt and reopened its doors, 100 times stronger in faith and community, more beautiful in structure and and the love it provides.

On June 7th, 2014, I had the privilege of documenting the Door Opening Service, officiated by Metropolitan Gerasimos. It was a once in a lifetime service (after all, how often do you attend the opening of a traditional new church?). I share the photos below in honor of the hard work, dedication, and faith of all its parishioners. I’ve learned that it takes a lot to build a church. This church has been 20 years in the building and I am thankful to all those who had the vision and the commitment to see it through. God bless!


It seemed like it was just yesterday

Incredible to believe that a whole school year has come to a close. The kids finished up school this week. For Katie, it was bitter sweet. She moves on to a new school in the fall and she’s already missing her friends who will be in a different school district. Kindergarten! My little girl will be in with the big kids. I don’t know who is more nervous about it.

Luke has a few more years at his preschool. And next year’s teacher has already gotten a glimpse of what’s in store. I’ll be sure to budget lots of Teacher Appreciation gifts.

I can’t stop looking at these side by side pictures, one taken at the beginning of the school year and the other just a few days ago. I love seeing how their personalities have evolved. The confidence that Katie has grown and the little boy starting to emerge. I highly encourage parents to do the same. Whether it’s using your iPhone camera or your fancy camera – pick a spot and snap and do it again in June.


Capturing Every day

I started my photography journey because I wanted to capture fleeting childhood memories. You think you’ll always remember the moments. The reality is that you don’t. Memories blend into one another and the details that you try to etch in your mind seem to evaporate overnight. I’ve tried to capture them by journaling only to return to my words and think “Now why was that so special? Of course they can say cat, ball, and dog.”

Photography helps me capture these moments. I recently enrolled in a photography course on Lifestyle Photography. What is lifestyle photography? It’s capturing the every day moments and in my case, capturing my children in their everyday environment rather than in a posed studio. It’s a style that I identify with and default to because no matter how many posing guides I buy I can never get my children to cooperate. So here is my first assignment, capturing a story through a series of images.

These images are my son, Luke. He’s 21 months and right now he’s totally engrossed with cars and trains. And this morning, I eavesdropped into his world as he played with both.

F a c e b o o k
P h o t o   S c h o o l